Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is given for admission in the best colleges of the United States of America. The score in the test is also the key element in achieving the scholarships for education in the US. Though, SAT tests you in two broad categories, i.e. Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Ability, the success demands mastery of skills not easily visible. At Scenictionary, we focus on the roots and foundation of your skills.

Quantitative Aptitude

It is commonly held belief that Math is a test of intelligence. It is simply not. Mathematics is a language just like any other. And just like every person, irrespective of class and creed has the ability to master any language, he or she has the ability to master Mathematics as well. It is the trainer's job to plant the algorithm in the student's mind. Three sessions of our Quantitative Aptitude course would boost up your confidence vis-a- vis Mathematics.

Eclectic Reading

It is often assumed that if a person speaks English, he would be good at reading as well. But reading is an altogether different cognitive process, that has to be practised rigorously. But is that enough? You bet it is not. The primary obstacle in reading efficiency is lack of formal vocabulary. Every passage will have 10- 12 advanced vocabulary words without which getting hold of the passage becomes difficult. So any reading course without vocabulary building is bound to be fruitless. And that is not the end of it. Reading is not just a test of English. It is a test of your general awareness. Even if one uses a dictionary, one would not be able to understand a passage with which one is not familiar. At Scenicitonary, we familiarize you with various academic concepts from philosophy, psychology, sociology, economics etc… around which most of the written word revolves.

Critical Reasoning

Critical reasoning is one of the most important skills required not just for exams like these but for a successful life. Like language, critical thinking is unique to humans but needs to be practised and honed. In simple words, it is about becoming good debaters. In case you think you have never participated in a debate, think again. We are debating all the time. At dining table, regarding which colour to paint the room in; with friends regarding who is a better actor and so on. The critical reasoning program at Scenictionary metamorphoses you from a casual debater to an incisive and invincible one. The aim is not just to make you win debates but to perfect your decision making.

Essay Writing

Getting a good essay score in SAT is easy. Desire to write a publishable essay. We will fulfill it.