These tests are aimed at checking the English proficiency of students residing in the non-English speaking nations. The four skills in which students are tested are Speaking, Listening , Reading and Writing. The conventional preparatory courses offered usually make the student practice the test repeatedly. But the language proficiency of the student practically remains the same. At Scenictionary, we focus our efforts on the upgradation of student's proficiency and help in getting high scores.


One of the greatest misconceptions regarding speaking improvement is that you improve speaking by speaking. Well that is true to some extent but at the same time it is of utmost importance to speak correctly. Even a small error while speaking leads to practicing incorrect English. At Scenictionary, we make sure that you speak only accurate structures. We do that by planting those structures in your mind. We don’t just make you practice. We first enhance your language and then make your practice.


The secret behind listening problems and solutions can be summed up in one line- we cannot understand something instinctively if we are listening to that structure for the first time. Our mind always takes time to decode the structure that we hear for the first time. Having understood that, we expose you to almost every possible structure of the language before you take the actual test.


Reading is a cognitive process that has to be practiced rigorously. The primary obstacle in reading efficiency is lack of formal vocabulary. So any reading course without vocabulary building is bound to be fruitless. Moreover, it is a test of your general awareness. At Scenicitonary, we familiarize you with various academic concepts from philosophy, psychology, sociology, economics etc. around which most of the written world revolves.