English is the only language that has the potential to become one global language. The desire to learn English is already there but this desire is rarely converted into an end result. The reason is the absence of a program that can actually make someone acquire the language like a natural speaker. But that is history with the advent of Scenictionary.

Speaking Fluency

Our research on speaking was extensively conducted on infants acquiring their first languages. Our first language is associated directly with our feelings and experiences. On the other hand, we tend to associate our second language with our first language which inhibits our ability to speak freely in our second language. At Scenictionary, we do not teach you English as a second language. We plant it in your mind like your first language, rather better than that.

Grammar Accuracy

Did you ever take grammar lessons in your first language ? Have you ever seen a mother teaching tenses to a 3 year old. Obviously not. But in both the cases, the grammar is acquired perfectly and quickly. At Scenictionary, we put the obvious into action and give you the perfect structure of the language in much smaller time as compared to what you took while acquiring your first language.


From everyday chores to gardening implements. From every emotion to different kinds of personality; the course includes a vocabulary program that has an exhaustive list of words encompassing every day to day context. We engross you in scenes and conversations containing those words. And you learn with as much fun and ease as was there in your first language.