Advanced Vocabulary

Behold our flagship program which is taught to those who have completed the early stages of English language acquisition and are well versed with the basic vocabulary words used in English language. This program covers almost every word in the dictionary. It is natural for you to doubt our claim that one can master the entire dictionary. We need just one session with you to explain how is it possible. Just think, you have picked up every word that was ever used in your surroundings. You already have a database of atleast fifty thousand words. Was it tough learning those words? No. You did not even realize that you were learning words. And that is the only way words could be learnt and language be enhanced. It is a subconscious process. One cannot do it by reading a dictionary or making word lists.

Also, one might think that one does not need every word. In actuality we do not learn words because we need them. We first acquire words and then use them. One can write an entire book on the power of a strong vocabulary and its correlation with success in career and life. After completing this course, there will not be a single thought of yours for which you will not have a word.